Car Seats Reviews,
Ratings and Recalls

Are you looking at infant and toddler car seats and want to make the safest choice that will fit your vehicle and provide comfort for your child? My goal is to give you information and ratings in a clear and easy to read format.

There are so many choices and each manufacturer says they have the safest, easiest to use and most comfortable product on the market. I don't represent any one maker so I'm looking for the items that will make the most sense for you.

Safety Seats and Boosters

The independent reviews on this site are only for the top rated products. I've reviewed only the leaders in each category.

You'll find details on reversible and infant seats as well as the leading booster and combination stroller/car travel systems.

Make the Right Choices

  • I'll only review a few models. Why review something that I don't feel is top notch?
  • You're looking for the solution that's fit for your needs. I will point out the quality booster or converting products and explain the differences and why you might prefer one over the other.
  • Are you thinking about a stroller/car seat combination? I make clear what is available and which are top quality.
  • Plenty of information inside these articles. A good decision is an informed one especially when it comes to infant safety.
  • I like the convertible car seat for many reasons and I let you know the pro's and con's of the converting types.
  • The site includes the latest information on recalls. This affects your buying decision and will give you the heads up on how to proceed if you own a recalled model.
  • My blog let's you know about the latest articles and any other information which I feel is interesting.

The Importance of Happy or Unhappy
User Comments

My job is to simplify and condense the buying process and help make your decision clear and easy. I believe in the importance of happy or unhappy users comments. Normally someone won't take the time to write a product review unless their experience was very good or very bad.

When I choose a seat to review I look at the features and benefits of the product and safety is huge in my decision making process. Then I look at customer reviews and these comments can make or break my choices.

I'm not going to review every seat on the market. Why should I review a seat that isn't popular with users and maybe isn't the safest or most comfortable? This site will stick to the carriers that are the highest quality.

Remember that even the most popular safety seats aren't perfect and I'll let you know the negatives also. For instance, I review the Britax Boulevard model because it's a great product.

I Review Only the Highest Rated Products

That means I will review the most effective options that face forward or backward. I rate the convertible choices on the market and also the most popular stroller/child carrier combinations or travel systems.

Price is also an important consideration in the buying process and I look for the best quality at a cost that you can handle. Style isn't necessarily a concern for many people if they can save money, so that's taken into consideration.

You'll find many articles giving you information about convertible types, stroller/child carrier combinations, safety ratings, a recall list and the latest technology. It's the only way you can really make an informed decision. Safety seats have come a long way in the last 5 years and the buying decision goes beyond just choosing the cheapest model.

I feature a blog and welcome your feedback. I love hearing what experience you have had with your safety seat and whether you would recommend it or not.

Infant and children's seats come in many sizes with many features but I'm here to make it all crystal clear and your buying decision a simple one.

By Category

In each of these categories you'll find our top rated choices.

Our Convertible Choice

Britax Boulevard

Infant Carrier/Seat Winner

Graco Snugride for Infants

Winning Booster

Graco Nautilus 3 in 1 Booster

Baby Stroller Combo

Chicco Cortina Travel System

Choice for Cheap Booster

Evenflo Big Kid LX Booster

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