Cosco Car Seats are Narrow: Try the Cosco Scenera as It's Slim, Safe and Priced Very Low

Cosco Car Seats and especially the Cosco Scenera are slim and narrow. When you need to fit 3 car seats into a small back seat, narrow is what you’re after.

Cars are getting smaller and smaller to cut back on burning gas. That’s great, but how do you fit 3 kids into a small back seat?

Are Infant Seats the Answer to Limited Space?

Infant seats are the smallest seats on the market.

Are they the answer?

Some consumers love the smaller infant seats because they fit tiny babies a little snugger, are generally less expensive and will fit into small backseats.

The problem is that these rear facing only seats have to be replaced when your little one reaches around 20-30 pounds with a larger front facing seat.

I usually recommend the best convertible car seats as the answer for most people but are they narrow enough to meet your needs?

Cosco Scenera Triton Car Seat

Cosco Car Seats Fill the Narrow Niche

Convertible seats are usually quite a bit larger than infant seats and therefore they tend to be wider also. That’s where Cosco car seats fill a need.

The Cosco Scenera is a Very Narrow Convertible Seat

The Cosco Scenera is a convertible seat that’s only 16.5 inches wide. That’s an inch or two slimmer than most of the best convertible car seats.

The Scenera is a rear facing seat from 5-35 pounds and then turned to face the front from around 22-40 pounds. The Scenera is a seat that will give you longer use than most infant car seats.

The Scenera has passed all of the U.S. safety crash tests and rates high with owners. They like the view that their children get from this seat and the fact that they can fit more than 2 seats into most back seats.

The Scenera Lacks the Comfort of More Expensive Seats

These seats aren’t padded like more expensive seats and they certainly don’t have the extras and top of the line features of many car seats.

However the price tag is hard to beat if you’re budget minded. The Cosco Scenera is selling on Amazon now at $63.67 and includes free shipping.

The Radian 65 is Top of the Line and also Very Thin

If price is not a huge concern, the Sunshine Kids Radian 65 is a top of the line convertible car seat that is also quite slim. It’s 17 inches and will fit 3 seats into most cars.

The Radian has many great features such as the fact it folds to around 7 inches when you need to carry it and has some super side impact protective features that go beyond government minimum standards.

3 Sunshine Kids Car Seats

The Radian Will Fit Children Up to 80 Pounds

The Radian 65 is rear facing from 5-33 pounds and front facing up to 80 pounds. The advantage over the Scenera is that you won’t have to replace this seat for a long time.

The price is $229.99 with free shipping through Amazon. Owner reviews are high with the average rating 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 stars.

The Scenera and the Radian 65 both Meet the Need for a More Narrow Seat

Cosco car seats are a popular lower priced seat and the Cosco Scenera may be the answer to your small car space problem. The Radian 65 on the other hand is also a narrow seat and one of the best convertible car seats on the market today.

I would recommend the Radian if you can afford the best but the Scenera is a solid bare bones seat that will probably allow you to place 3 kids either rear or front facing in your back seat.

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